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As the Feb. 24 anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaches, we have an opportunity to amplify calls for genuine diplomacy to end this terrible war. With a focus on actions the same day around the U.S., we’re encouraging activists to organize and participate at locations that seem most appropriate locally.

Defuse Nuclear War, a coalition that RootsAction has been coordinating, recently conducted a survey and activists responded overwhelmingly in favor of this focus:

 Diplomacy Is the Path to Peace

  • Stop the Killing
  • Avert Nuclear War

The day of action will focus on urging the United States to lead with diplomacy instead of escalation -- to help create a path for ending the war, with genuine diplomatic initiatives instead of continuing with a blank check for huge weapons shipments.

Click here to sign up for organizing actions

Feb. 24 is a Friday, in a week that the House and Senate are not in session -- so this is an extra good opportunity to bring public pressure on members of Congress while they are presumably in their home area. As constituents, you might want to: 

  • Picket at Congress member's local office
  • Demonstrate in a public place with high visibility
  • Flyer / collect petition signatures for local Congressperson in a busy area or park
  • Schedule a meeting with your Representative at their home office
  • Protest at TV/newspaper offices

We thank you for your continued support and activism. To learn more about the Feb. 24 event, please visit us at: https://defusenuclearwar.org/event/february-24-day-of-action/

In solidarity, 

-- The RootsAction.org team


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