In March 2022, after negotiations mediated by Turkey, it appeared that Russia was ready to withdraw from Ukraine if Ukraine would commit to not joining NATO. Ukraine was prepared to agree and end the war in one month that has now dragged on for years. But well-sourced news reports show that the U.S. and UK told Ukraine to refuse the deal and keep the war going.

In late 2023, Russia proposed new negotiations -- to include the United States this time, since it was calling the shots. The U.S. government refused.

Now Russia has indicated it wants a ceasefire on the current frontlines. The U.S. could allow Ukraine to sit down and negotiate -- and to make a counter offer to Russia. The U.S. could indicate to Ukraine that there is a limit to the supply of free weapons costing U.S. taxpayers billions. Ukraine is already realizing that there is a limit to the men it can conscript to do the fighting. As desperation increases on both sides and the risk of nuclear war reaches new heights, surely a step back from the madness of militarism is long since overdue.

Instead, the Secretary General of NATO is publicly telling the U.S. government to allow Ukraine to use U.S. weapons to attack inside Russia, something that Russia claims is already happening.

We must urgently pressure the U.S. government away from courting apocalypse and delaying necessary negotiations while the death toll mounts. As experts have delcared since the beginning, this war is "unwinnable" by either side. There is no military solution.

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After a nuclear war there will be no opportunity to say:

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  • I wish I'd shared this with you earlier, or
  • This is really, really important.

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